Had to share these photos

So we found a place to stay in Colombia through airbnb.com. It is a 6 bedroom, 2 bath house for 1000.00 a month, all utilities included.

In doing some research, we asked some expats currently in Colombia about the area and we heard that this area is not the most ideal. It is great having resources(wonderful people) willing to share vital information.

We did some research of our own and found out that this neighborhood was riped with crime during the Escobar era. We also learned that Medellin, Colombia is not as safe as some people promote BUT neither is America or any other country.

We are not moving to Colombia because it is safer or to get a better life. Colombia is just one stop on our tour of the world. And it certainly will not be the most dangerous place we land. We are chasing culture and beauty. We are chasing experience. We are not running from anything! And we are never scared!


7 thoughts on “Had to share these photos

  1. I like how you worded that. Most people assume that leaving America means we are scared of what’s to come. No it takes more courage to leave comfort and go somewhere foreign for good! It’s the best decision of our life. So happy for your family! And you will love Colombia. The areas that are considered “unsafe” like Sabaneta for example, has some petty crime. But it’s no different than living in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we’re from. Just look up the crine rate there lol. Your family will be fine!


  2. In my opinion negative people remain stagnate throughout life. They’re afraid of change. Positive people somehow remain optimistic and embrace new beginnings. I have confidence that Columbia will offer a fresh start for the family filled with new and wonderful experiences. Life is too short to live afraid. Live & Love Well!


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