Top 5 Bad Acts of Past Presidents


With the inauguration of what some are calling the most hated President in history, we thought the American people should relive 5 bad acts committed by past Presidents.


5. President Henry Ashton sent a man to his death in Vantage Point.  This terrible President used a body double that ended up dead and he showed very little remorse.


4. President Fitzgerald Grant killed hundreds of soldiers to get his side pussy back in Scandal.  Olivia was kidnapped to blackmail the President to send troops to war. President caved and hundreds died. No apologies to the families of those dead but he did go see his side chick the second she was rescued.


3. President Allison Taylor covered up the murder of IRK President Omar Hassan in order to continue with the signing of a peace treaty with the country that orchestrated the murder of the IRK President on 24. She then goes on to cover up the murder of Jack’s girlfriend and attempts to kill Jack. She only cared about her personal image and her legacy.. ummm… sounds familiar. President Taylor is the reason Hillary was not elected.


2. President Beck. This was difficult. I tried not to include a black president after Obama did such a great job but President Beck was indeed a bad dude. In fact, he did some terrible things for what he believed was the greater good, kind of like my Obama. President Beck hid the end of the world from everyone and then when his plan to save the world didn’t work, he revealed the secret underground caves that can only house about 1 million people. This great reveal occurred like a few days before the end hit. Millions died but he lived lol.


1. President Charles Evil Logan – The worst President that ever existed. This man killed the greatest President in history, President David Palmer. President Palmer was indeed the first Black President.  President Logan was so incompetent that he asked President Palmer to come in and run the country on the low, then as a thank you he tried to kill Jack Bauer and orchestrated the death of President Palmer. I could totally see President Trump doing the same thing. Don’t fall for it President Obama!!! When that phone rings, let Michelle answer it!



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